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Antipollution provides immediate, effective and reliable solutions concerning Emergency Response Services around the world in cooperation with significant international partners.

Our company is the leading Greek company offering Port Reception Facilities in Piraeus Port and all major ports and private facilities in Greece.

Embodying an experience of almost 80 years, we are proud to stand amongst the few companies having served the shipping industry to this extent.

Staying focused on international developments in the environmental sector, we expanded further, in order to provide a high standard of integrated environmental services and remain unwavering in our commitment to protecting sea and land from environmental hazards.

What we offer

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24/7 global access to an experienced team

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Operational assistance

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Technical support

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Close co-operation with your ship and shore staff

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Stand-by oil spill response vessels with specialized equipment

Why choose Antipollution

We provide an excellent combination of human resources, vessels, equipment and materials for oil spill combating operations around the world.
We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner with years of experience and expertise in emergency incidents on land and in water, as well as in waste management.
We offer the optimum solution to each partner, in the minimum time and cost, taking all the necessary health, safety and environmental protection measures.
We share a passion for the protection and preservation of the marine and coastal environment.
Our pollution response services are provided efficiently and in accordance with national and international legislation, conventions and standards.
We cooperate with significant partners around the world, and we are members of International Organizations for the protection of the marine environment against pollution.

The experienced and dedicated personnel of Antipollution and state-of- the-art equipment are ready 24/7 to support critical decision-making and action to address a variety of on land and in water incidents.