Our Equipment

Antipollution owns a fleet of specialized and properly licensed vehicles as well as advanced technology for executing Waste Management Projects on land and in water:

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of different types of oil spill response (OSR) vessels that can conduct a wide range of anti-pollution activities.

Work Boats

Our Equipment

Work boats are fast-deployment vessels that have a supportive role during marine pollution prevention activities. Their construction and the engine they carry allows them to deploy and tow oil containment booms. They can carry and develop oil recovery equipment such as skimmers, absorbent materials and make use of chemical dispersants (if necessary and permitted). Their low draught allows them to operate in very shallow waters. The work boats can also be used for water cleaning services.

OSR Work Vessels

Our Equipment

ΟSR Work Vessels have the advantage of immediate and fast mobilization in the area of interest. Their high speed significantly reduces the response time to emergencies. Their construction and the mooring points they are equipped with allows them to deploy oil containment booms, oil recovery equipment (sweeping arm and brush skimmers, oil pumps, absorbent materials etc.) and provide support during OSR operations. They have the ability to collect and store oil residues and proceed to chemical dispersion activities.

Oil Spill Response Vessels

Our Equipment

Oil Spill Response Vessels can proceed to oil and waste collection activities. Their construction gives them the ability to tow oil containment booms and deploy oil recovery equipment. Their low draught enables the vessels to approach near the coastline. Oil Spill Response Vessels can transport approximately 1.000 meters of oil containment booms and store all the necessary equipment. They are equipped with cranes that can operate in a wide range and are used for deploying oil absorbent materials, oil recovery equipment and for chemical dispersion activities (if necessary and permitted). OSR Vessels are also equipped with oil storage tanks for the quantities that are recovered during the oil spill response operations.